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The horse brand for 70 years
Every little girl wants a horse of her very own
Known for high quality and breed accuracy
A variety of scales for collectors and kids
Evergreen brand with consistently strong sales
Compelling new product releases

Realistic, high quality animal figures
Expertly sculpted and incredibly detailed
Safe, durable, and indestructible
Horses, farm, dogs, cats, prehistoric, wildlife
Leap, gallop, and fly off store shelves everyday
Variety of merchandising displays


Horses inspire - like no other animal in the world

They are Majestic. Beautiful. Powerful. Graceful. Horses bring a sense of Nurturing, Relationship, Caring and Loyalty. From parades and fairgrounds to TV commercials and movies, nothing grabs our heart like the horse.

Ever since our first model horse was created in 1950, Breyer has been committed to making the World’s Finest Model Horses. Fans believe that when they hold a Breyer horse in their hands, it’s like entering the world of real horses.

Our goal is to build on the historical legacy of the brand, and bring the inspiration of horses to as many people as possible. As we do this, every expression of the brand, across our products, content, and experiences, is a touchpoint that connects us to that inspiration.