Since 1946, our mission has been to provide children with high-quality toys, gifts and collectibles that encourage wholesome and imaginative play while nurturing an appreciation for education, animals, and the environment. We're proud to make and distribute exceptional brands that help children do this. Reeves is the exclusive U.S. distributor of high quality specialty brands: WOW®, Tolo®, Red Toolbox, Marvin's Magic®,  Enchantmints, and Paulinda® Super Dough.

WOW Toys designs and creates safe, colorful and durable toys with extended play value built to stand the test of time. The award-winning pre-school brand features multi-piece play sets with "hero" vehicle characters with battery free motorized mechanisms and functions.

Tolo Toys is the phenomenal collection of developmental and educational baby toys which offers superior educational benefit for children during the critical learning years from birth to five years. Tolo is commited to the design of a range of high quality, award winning toys that offer imaginative play along with fun and excitement during a child's developmental years.

Red Toolbox manufactures a set of kids carpentry tools specifically designed to suit a child’s grip, complemented by a selection of original carpentry kits that teach various skills according to the level of difficulty. Red Toolbox's wood projects for kids create the perfect environment for parents and kids to work closely together, share their guidance and support, and spend quality time together while learning. 

Marvin’s Magic is recognized as the brand leader and number one manufacturer of magic kits for kids worldwide. Marvin's Magic has won many awards, has the top-selling magic kits in the world, and has the largest following of young magicians anywhere!

Enchantmints nourishes children’s imagination with beautifully-illustrated musical treasure boxes and kids jewerly boxes in beloved themes such as flowers, horses, and ballerinas. Enchantmints' musical treasure boxes are designed with gorgeous artwork and classic musical tones and will be cherished for years to come.

Paulinda Super Dough is like no other modeling clay or dough. Clean, safe, water-based Paulinda Super Dough is a joy to handle, easily re-used, doesn't stain and is a fantastic creative medium. Best of all, it's sold in fun, convenient kits!

Reeves International also manufactures our very own line of educational toys for toddlers. Reeves Toys are designed with safety in mind and are meant to help children learn through play. Built with high quality materials, Reeves Toys can withstand the the rough and tumble lifestyle of any toddler.