Reeves International, Inc.

Anthony FleischmannReeves International, Inc. was founded by my father, Swiss entrepreneur Werner Fleischmann in 1946 when he recognized that there was an unserved market for high quality European brands such as Steiff, Corgi, Britains, Märklin, Kouvalias, and Furga in the U.S. market.

Throughout the 1950s, ‘60s and70s, Reeves continued to introduce top brands into the U.S. market and became one of the nation’s top distributors of high quality, specialty toy brands. By the late 1970s, as a result of changes in the marketplace, Reeves decided to acquire or develop a proprietary brand and business. Toward that end, in 1985, Reeves acquired the Breyer Animal Creations® brand of model horses and accessories.

That's where I come in. After working in Switzerland for several years and performing my military service there, I deferred my place (twice!) at Tufts University Veterinary School to join my father at Reeves in 1985; specifically to help with the acquisition and development of Breyer Animal Creations. Between 1985 and 1998, the Breyer business grew substantially and Breyer became recognized as the premiere brand of model horses and equine themed toys, gifts and collectibles. In 1998, I purchased Reeves International, Inc. outright from my father and continue to develop the business, domestically and internationally, to this day. Today, Reeves continues as a privately-held New Jersey corporation with administrative offices, design and distribution facilities located 45 minutes west of Manhattan. So, though I never became a veterinarian, I still love animals, I am inspired by nature and my company is filled with people who feel the same way.

In addition to the Breyer brand, Reeves is the exclusive U.S. distributor of high quality specialty brands: EnchantmintsTM, Red Toolbox, STANLEY® Jr. and our own Reeves Toys line, including the popular Big Dig®.

There is something special and even a bit magical about each product distributed by the Reeves International Brands. While allowing children to expand their imagination with exceptional play value, each product also offers its own unique experience and learning opportunity. The feeling of a special bond between a girl and her Breyer horse, a music box that holds secret treasures, or learning fun and handy carpentry skills with dad; the fun is endless and the benefits unimaginable.

Since 1946, our mission has been to provide children with high-quality toys, gifts and collectibles that encourage wholesome and imaginative play while nurturing an appreciation for education, animals, and the environment. We're proud to make and distribute exceptional brands that help children do this.

You can find Reeves products in specialty toy and gift stores, museum and zoo gift shops and other fine retail establishments across the country. Use the Store Locator feature to find a retailer near you!


Tony Fleischmann

President, Reeves International, Inc